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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  July 2, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. nearly 100,000 homes and businesses are without power today... after powerful weekend storms. good afternoon. i am steve sanders. and i'm tonya francisco in for dina bair. it may be about four days before power is restored i am here at this park where residents have showed up upset about the conditions here after
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the storm police are trying to keep people out of harm's way ... the storm blew through the area during the noon hour yesterday 12 percent of this suburb had power 8650 com-ed customers are here a large percentage had no power yesterday ... the police department is on a backup generator ... the north side suffered the most police say that you cannot even access that neighborhood there ... it is not safe to walk or to drive with power lines down and trees blocking everything lots of residents are packing up and cleaning up many are leaving because of a lack of air- conditioning ... >>it came through fast and furious but nobody was injured
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there was just one house fire a line went down on that home so there was some damage extensively their but there are no injuries everyone came out ok ... you speak to the neighbors and they feel pressed but grateful nothing happened to injure anyone ... lombard also took a beating the morning commute was very slow here ... the metro tire store on north avenue had wind damage ... and the house on swift road at tree damage ... there is aimed com-ed mobile unit operating here to try to expedite restoration of power ... they
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are in the process of trying to open up cooling centers throughout the suburbs and they will be preparing to request for disaster assistance ... the city of chicago is working with comed to clear damaged trees and restore power caused by falling limbs. the city crews have received 196 calls for tree emergencies... and 50 calls of power wires down. officials also want residents to take precautions to prevent heat-related emergenies. since last wednesday... there have been 76 heat-related 911 calls... and 181 visits to city cooling centers. power has been restored at a retirement home in northlake... after severe storms knocked out their power overnight. and residents will be moved back into their homes today... amy rutledge is live in
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northlake with the latest. the evacuation began 5:00 late sunday afternoon like much of the surrounding area the concourse plaza retirement home lost regular power during a strong storm sunday the backup generator died a couple of hours later with 270 elderly residents the fire crews were called quickly to get them safely to other locations ... 30 different fire outfits from around the area responded ...: buses and ambulances transported those with critical conditions ... dark stairways and hallways were a challenge in removing people from the building because of the elevator is not working ... they hope to have them returned here by 1230 this afternoon ...
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the whole evacuation concluded last night around 430 this morning ... we have staff spread out in different locations we want to make sure they're cared for with medications and food ... we have been lucky that the evacuation went well ... one firefighter was transported for heat exhaustion dozens of kayakers had to be pulled from the chicago river during yesterday's storms. chicago police and firefighters rescued 62-people, including some children. their kayaks capsized when strong winds swept over the north branch of the river. police say some of the children were screaming for help. all of the people rescued were wearing life jackets.
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two kayak tour companies --"waveriders kayak tours" and "kayak chicago" -- were issued citations for allowing people on the water, despite weather advisories. a 16 year old boy is in critical condition this morning after falling two or three stories in the vacant ravenswood medical center building. the boy and two other teens climbed a fire escape and entered the building at 1931 west wilson in the early morning hours. the boy was taken to advocate illinois masonic medical center with severe internal injuries. a pro-gun group will use money it received from chicago's firearm buyback program... to help fund a gun-oriented youth summer camp. the group, "guns save life" is based in downstate illinois. they run an n.r.a. kid's camp in bloomington. last month, they turned in more than 60 guns to the buy-back program, and collected more than $6,000 in gift cards. organizers say they'll use the money to pay for ammunition and rifles for group's gun safety and marksmanship program.
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a chicago police spokeswoman says the group "is abusing a program intended to increase the safety of our communities." a community alert has been issued for the bridgeport neighborhood; after several robberies in the area. the incidents took place between june 26th and 30th. on wentworth avenue between 22nd and 27th streets. anyone with information is asked to call police. ... mayor emanuel is about to spend $300,000 to fight aids invoice from a chicago private parking co. who claims it is owed millions by the city ...
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he plans to develop software that will get an accurate count of what is truly a code ... there is a ban on sharks fans here in illinois the government signed off on this is considered a delicacy and asian cuisine however chicago is the only inland state now to a ban the practice ... a gymnast from our right is heading to london for the summer olympic games at emmaanna li has
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been chosen as an alternate for the united states women's gymnastics team she was the chosen alternate this weekend at the olympic trials in san jose calif. the competition was considered her last shot she is 23 years old and has sustained many injuries throughout her career in the sport we're counting down to the fourth of july even though the city of chicago has canceled their fireworks display this year you can go over to navy pier for their display wednesday night at 9:00 wgn will be rebroadcasting those fireworks at 9:30 p.m. following the abbreviated newscast and if you go to the navy pier all active members of the military will ride the ferris wheel for free on the fourth of july we will be rightot sfilodour
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thousands of colorado residents are now returning to homes destroyed by wildfires. nearly 18,000 acres were scorched by the "waldo canyon" wildfire last week. the blaze also destroyed about 350 homes. now residents are returning home to assess the damages to their properties.
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this is what one colorado springs family found where their house once stood. the fire burned close to 27 square miles and killed two people since it began june 23rd. some residents also returned burglarized. police say there have been 24 confirmed burglaries in the area affected by the fire. colorado springs resident susan reynolds says she's lucky to come back to her home still standing but she says her heart goes out for those who weren't so fortunate. baena when you try if you feel that >>when you drive by you feel bad your heart goes out to those families ...a total of seven wildfires blazed throughout colorado last week. the "waldo canyon" fire was the most destructive wildfire in colorado history.
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a woman in georgia who nearly died from a rare flesh-eating bacteria... was released from the hospital this morning. 24 year old aimee copeland is moving to an in-patient rehabilitation center where she'll learn to get around with the aid of a wheelchair. her left leg... right foot... and both hands had to be amputated. she contracted the flesh-eating bacteria during an accident on a homemade zip-line two months ago. aimee's father says she's very happy to be leaving the hospital. an abortion clinic in mississippi will remain open despite a new state law that requires all abortion providers to be certified obstetricians and gynecologists. under the law: each obgyn in mississippi must be licensed to practice at a hospital. the state has already forced other abortion clinics to close because their doctors don't meet that requirement. yesterday, a federal appeals court judge agreed to allow a clinic in jackson to remain open until a court hearing on july 11th. the clinic still has one doctor who is not affiliated with a hospital. senior u.s. politicians are warning that mexico's newly elected government could start negotiating with drug lords in a bid to buy peace. the ballot counting is still under way... but enrique peña
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nieto of the p-r-i party has already made his victory speech. he's projected to win the presidency with 38 percent of the vote. critics have warned his victory could mark a softening of mexico's war on violent drug cartels... which are blamed for nearly 50 thousand deaths. secretary of state hillary clinton urges the united nations to authorize military action in syria ... >>i said there can be an outcome as well as a precondition that as of today we did not have a road map with specifics and concrete actions that you could telegraph to damascus where i believe they are shocked ... world leaders have agreed to a plan to run more than a year of deadly violence in syria but it does not include the removal of the syrian president bashar al-
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assad if western nations condemning his actions as a leader does have the support of russia and estimated 18,000 people died in an uprising russia and china are against a proposal to hand over power in syria to an interim syrian team that would exclude representatives of the passat government iran is set to begin a new round of war games today it is part of a three day exercises it will test fire missiles at models of foreign air bases those missiles will be fire from different point across that country at 100 targets the iranian government said that the point is to assess the precision and efficiency of its warheads the war games, as the european union embargo on iranian oil goes into effect that embargoes intended to discourage its nuclear development plans
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money report ... if you get on the road for the holiday here is the good news gasoline is getting cheaper aaa says it has fallen 35¢ to $3.51 a gallon on average ... one year ago you were paying $3.95 a gallon ... apple won a court order blocking sales of the samsung smart phone in the united states that follows similar rulings to block the sale of the samsung galaxy computer ... they are fighting patent battles on four continents ... some encouraging news of your looking for a job
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the search engine simply hired .com says there's been an increase in job openings since last month chicago is doing better with 10 percent more job openings and last month that more than one under 35,000 total jobs ... mcdonald's sears accenture and the university of chicago as well as some health- care companies are doing the hiring here ... customers may see more chicken on the menu then be fed mcdonald's ... they are trying to attract budget conscious americans ... there is unexpectedly weak manufacturing data ... one of the largest parts of our economy is shrinking ...
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apple has paid $60 million to settle an ownership of the i-pad name dispute with china ... chinese authorities say that the rights had never been transferred back in december the chinese court says that pro view the company still owned of the right ... this is an acceptable settlement now to both sides ... several websites crashed over the weekend after just one second was added to the earth's official time those timekeepers edit the so-called elite second to the end of june so that clocks kept up with the earth's rotation for but with services could not adjust yelp, stumble upon mos alot, and a corker were among the sites that were affected by the time change
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com-ed says it's dealing with nearly 13-hundred active outages after weekend storms. nearly 100-thousand customers are waiting for power to be restored. here's the breakdown in some of the hardest hit counties. in dupage... more than 69- thousand customers are affected. cook county... 21-thousand. will county more than 900... and lake county... 77 customers are affected. comed officials say it will be several day before power is restored to all customers. the new month brings some new laws across the country: karen illinois vomiting in a taxicab will not cost to $50 fine in kentucky it is now illegal to release feral hogs into the wild ... and children in pennsylvania will have to read more vegetables schools must put three-fourths of a cup of vegetables in one serving instead of just half a cup ...
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and choosing between paper or plastic is no longer an option for shoppers in seattle a city ban on single use plastic bags when into effect yesterday officials approved that banned back in december after researchers found that plastic bags alone made up 1 percent of all the trash in seattle to ease the pain of some disgruntled shoppers stores give away free reusable backs ... >>this is not a bad thing ... >>if customers do not bring their own bags there will be charged 5¢ for each paper bag a years before this ban was put in a fact seattle residents used nearly 300 million plastic bags every year ... new jersey governor chris christie yelled at a reporter during a recent news conference. reporters were told the governor would only answer questions about a problem at a water treatment plant... but one man asked an unrelated question about the state legislature.
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>>on monday will you beat addressing the legislature gov. question >>hey stupid did i say on topic ?
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tom skilling is having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction ... >>time you do not need those long sleeves if you are going outside ... >>if you tell anyone to go jump in a lake today you are doing
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them a favor ... what a first week in july we have going here ... one of our viewers who is a pilot was flying over danville friday and got this cumulonimbus crowdloud that's a thunderstorm that looks very ominous great shot here are some other pictures submitted by our viewers of storm damage ... this one's from europe felyorkville
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we have an energetic atmosphere going with the heat and humidity ... let's take a look at the time lapse of these storms coming across the area ... these are the ones that knocked out the power ... we told you about this last week were the core of the heat was moving ... the storms rotate around the periphery of the air mass ... we will be flirting with 100 degrees on more than one occasion this week with a very high humidity ... we have 1790 degree-days never has a season and that many 90 degree days this early into the summer ...
12:32 pm
this month will live up to its historic reputation ... the jets stream is getting pushed way north ... we could get big storms to develop today ... yesterday only three states did not reach 90 degrees ... records said all over the place these last seven days ... there are 20 states under heat advisory today alone ... we have a thunderstorm watch going in the upper midwest and the western fire warnings are still on ... with the wild fires burning in colorado ...
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severe weather occurs up north near the jet stream ... we're up to 90 in chicago 93 in pretoria ... st. louis is already at 95 degrees ... what a summer we are having so far ... we still have july left to go not to mention august ... it is very uncomfortable ... it will remain very muggy and humid ...
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the moisture is very uncomfortable with the heat combined ... we have time mold spores and moderate values of pollen across our area ... you will burn and 19 minutes without any sunscreen at 1:00 and 40 minutes later in the day ... please be careful in the sunshine out there ... we of 30- 40% coverage for those afternoon thunderstorms the high temperature will be 94 degrees and will be gusty with land at about 30-40 mi. per hour 74 degrees tonight 80 in the loop here in the city ... the wind will go southwest and will blow
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off the lake ... tomorrow another hot and humid day 95 degrees the high-temperature chance of afternoon thunderstorms once again and the same deal wednesday the high temperature will be 96 ... we could see 100 degrees here for the fourth of july ... >>3 nato protesters have pleaded not guilty to terrorism related charges they were arraigned today in cook county criminal court we go to robert jordan joining us live they say they are putting on a noisy demonstration so their bodies inside can hear them
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outside the courthouse there called the nato five members of the protest group arrested prior to the beginning of a nato summit here in chicago police arrested them and charge them with trying to set off incendiary devices ... but they say they did not nor were they planning to do that ... three of the men were charged with material support for terrorism and position of incendiary devices in conspiracy the other two were charged with falsely making terrorist threats ... their defense attorneys say that they have seen small amounts of evidence call discovery and they say the defendants were set up by police
12:37 pm
infiltrators ... >>there will be a lot in discovery of this case we know there are other law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation and the provocateurs of the case and the state has said this that the fbi was involved in may be the secret service and other agencies and police outfits we need to know everything that was done to set these fellows up and that's what we're going to fight over that's our intention we need to fight for all the things we need the right to have and discovery yet while we do this our clients are remaining in jail so that's what we're dealing with ... right now the defense attorneys say that they plan to try all three simultaneously that that can also change the next date
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will be scheduled july 16th ... it's time now for today's trivia question ... what is the highest point in the united states the answer coming up for months, i had this deep pain all over my body. it just wouldn't go away. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now i can plan my days and accomplish more. lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or
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actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior, or any swelling or affected breathing or skin or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. with less pain i'm feeling better now that i've found lyrica. ask your doctor if lyrica is right for your fibromyalgia pain.
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selected for the all-star game, but there's one glaring omission. a.j. pierzynski was snubbed despite his 14 home runs 45 rbi, and solid work with the pitching staff. here's who made it... paul konerko earned his sixth selection, while adam dunn made it for the first time in ten years. the sox' chris sale and the cubs' bryan lahair are both first time all-stars while starlin castro is going for the second year in a row. jake peavy is one of five players on the "final vote" ballot for the last spot on the american league team... you can vote for him at: the white sox going for a series win in new york. they're up one in the first with two outs... alex rios singles in kevin youkilis for a 2-0 lead... he was 2 for 4. but it's tied at two in the third... robinson cano hits a 2-run homer off gavin floyd... he only lasted five- and-a-third. sox lose 4-2, and split the series with the yankees. they went 4 and 3 on the road trip, and are off today. cubs trying to sweep the astros after a rain delay. travis wood had another solid start... he allowed only three
12:42 pm
hits and no walks in 7 and 19 thirds shut-out innings. it's scoreless in the sixth... when anthony rizzo drives in the first run of the game with a single to right... it's his third go-ahead hit in five games. cubs win 3-0 for their fifth win in six games. they visit atlanta tonight. your live illinois lottery drawing is next good afternoon. here are your winning pick three numbers: 8 2 2
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here are your winning pick four number is: 1 9 4 6 the mega-millions jackpot is now $86 million
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ot sfilodour
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a new study links physical punishment to mental disorders later in life. the study suggests children who are disciplined by being spanked, hit, or pushed may be at an increased risk of mental problems in adulthood.. from mood and anxiety disorders to drug and alcohol abuse. it's been established that physical and sexual abuse emotional neglect, and other severe maltreatment in childhood are associated with mental illness. but this is one of the first
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studies to show a link between non-abusive physical punishment and mental disorders. lack of sleep really may make us more prone to catching colds and the flu.. including the h1n1 virus. the immune system is made up of several types of cells and proteins that are charged with keeping foreign invaders such as colds or flu, at bay. research has shown our t-cells go down if we're sleep deprived.. and that people who are sleep deprived get less protection from flu vaccines than those who are getting adequate sleep. experts say lack of sleep can also influence how we fight illnesses once we come down with them. a new study in the journal "cancer" finds coffee drinkers are less likely to develop the most common form of skin cancer. the researchers report people who drank three or more cups of caffeinated coffee a day had a 20 percent lower risk of "basal cell carcinoma". drinking decaf coffee did not have the same benefit. but caffeine from other sources.. such as chocolate and cola.. was linked to a lower skin cancer risk.
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lunchbreak is next. how to get the family around the table for a delicious sunday dinner. i'm on break sweetheart. [ woman ] you know you don't have to put up with this. those annoying period symptoms. general pain relievers like advil, only treat cramps, but midol has three active ingredients to take care of that... and fatigue and bloating. because you deserve better.
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the paperwork... even ship for free. and their pharmacists and respiratory therapists are available 24/7. what's more, your nebulizer and medications may even be covered by your part b benefits for a better treatment at a much better price. call med4home now to learn how a portable nebulizer can help you start breathing better today. for more information call 1-800-208-8730. ♪ ♪ it seems like a lost a tradition -- sunday dinner with the whole family but our next guest is hoping to bring it back with her new book "whatever happened to sunday dinner?" lisa caponigri joins us now. >>so how do you get everyone back around the table
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>>the easiest way to do this is to make it fun and delicious and healthy if you show your family that cooking with them is important to you they will join in an have a good time as well >>the tradition is five courses >>and italian food they are small wonderful dishes that are easy to prepare my book deals with the rustic italian cooking very simple and very healthy ... today we will make an appetizer with polenta you can buy these imported and pre made... i cut them into
12:52 pm
rounds and add salt and pepper. we to [p them with mushrooms and fontina cheese. we toast on both sides before adding the to pping.... everyone can help with the preparation ... the salad: fennel red onion and
12:53 pm
orange... and that one is easy for the children to help with i raise my own children cooking together ... they stay with you throughout the meal this is what this looks like when it's completed the second edition are lovely big and diverse scallops scallops
12:54 pm
sliced and stuffed with pesto.... make sure that your pan is hot you are going to cook them on one side ... this is a great summer menu you can also cook the scallops on the grill ... i only season these scallops with mayafter cooking ... this is a wonderful summer menu here is the desert: this is a lovely frozen women dessert you
12:55 pm
see it all over southern italy ... you scoop out a lemon ... and you will top it with whipped cream ... it's a lemon mostusse.. and now to the pasta we have a no coke sauce veryook sauce very easy.... ....and for more information on lisa's book, or to watch the segment again, log on to:
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and now the answer for today's trivia question: which is the highest point in the united states? the answer is mount denali formally known to us as mount mckinley these records continue to amaze us ... we had the sunniest june in 24 years ... the word in today ... this past winter hadas
12:59 pm
using less heathad us using less yeaheat.... that's an all-time record ... 100 degree heat index it for today and tomorrow and it may reach 100 for the fourth ... we have one hot week going not until


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